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What people are saying about Craig's leadership training:

"After spending a week with Craig, I can attest that he not only knows what it takes to be an effective leader, but he also has field experience to understand current challenges the industry faces.  His approach, combined with his knowledge, results in highly effective leadership training.  Managers with good leadership skills prove to increase retention, increase productivity, and reduce careless accidents.  I would highly recommend Craig Cottongim to inspire your workforce to be the next generation of concrete leaders.”
Jereme Montgomery
Executive Director Nebraska Concrete & Aggregates Association

"Craig Cottongim has a truly practical approach to leadership in the concrete industry.  He understands that it is often our best people that we set up for failure, because we don’t teach them how to make the transition from doing the work to leading the people. 
I met Craig at the Nebraska Quality Concrete Conference, and I found him to be insightful and pragmatic.  He knows the concrete business, because he’s in the concrete business, and he cares enough to give concrete people the leadership tools to succeed." 
Rex Jameson, VP Talent Development, Ozinga Bros., Inc.

"We can honestly say, bringing Craig in to train our guys was a good investment for us.  After trying other leadership trainers in the past, we highly recommend Craig, who actually has a background in concrete.  We've had Craig in twice, his knowledge of concrete and leadership came through clearly during his presentations and his style of training really connected with our people."
Scott Smith, President of MPW Construction Services​

“I just wanted to thank you for the two very interesting lectures you did. In all my years of doing what I do I have never enjoyed sitting for 12 hours and listening to someone speak. You are an engaging speaker. Most of the stuff I have to get certified in for excavating has been the most boring things I have had to do. I learned a lot even at my age from these two sessions.  Thanks, Ed Justice” (MPW Construction Services INC, Wellington OH)

"After working closely with Craig as a "mentoree" of sorts I can affirm his ability to train and teach the trade of concrete in a fun but effective manner. I enjoyed,joking, telling "war" stories but most of all learning more about the trade on a daily basis. I came away from my time with Craig more confident in my abilities and how to help others learn too."
Jesse Johnson, Johnson City TN

Dynamic training 

Businesses rise or fall based on the quality of their leadership, that's why we say, "Grow your people, grow your business."  We all want our leaders to be more effective, and to reduce the level of frustration leaders feel when they aren’t leading well.  Craig Cottongim, founder of Concrete Leadership Training, understands this tension well.  After spending a lifetime in concrete, he’s passionate about helping you develop your entire team to be the best leadership team you’ve ever worked with.  ​

There is no shortage of expert leadership trainers to choose from.  The question becomes, how many other leadership trainers are also experienced in concrete as well as experts in leadership?  You wouldn't take flying lessons from a locomotive engineer, and you shouldn't seek leadership training from anyone who lacks a clear understanding of the concrete industry.  

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Our leadership training is specialized, focusing solely on the leadership needs of concrete contractors & their workforce.  

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Our leadership training comes from actual experience gained working in concrete, and our training sessions will prepare your leaders to succeed. 

Our presentations will keep your team's attention because they are engaging, enthusiastic, energetic, and equipping.


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